Yes, SEO is Important for Tech PR Agencies

February 25, 2015 - 1 minute read

You’ve heard the debate, and the rumors that both PR and SEO have suffered slow, drawn-out deaths. You also know this isn’t true. In fact, PR and SEO are finding new life in forming a partnership, but many tech PR agencies are still unsure of how to incorporate SEO into their strategies.

Ronn Torossian shares some advice on pay-per-click advertising and how to run an effective local SEO campaign.

Search engine optimization is the most cost effective solution and will have a much higher ROI. It provides long term benefits and continual traffic, yet it takes more time to establish and get ranked among search engines. Some of these time consuming tasks should be outsourced to industry professionals, as the rules of the game change constantly. Hiring an SEO company will also ensure that your website does not have any potentially negative characteristics that can hurt your rank.

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