Why Your PR Strategy Needs Content Marketing

October 16, 2014 - 1 minute read

B2B technology PR professionals have quite a job on their hands. Their clients are often high-level companies that offer complex products or services. This can make securing media coverage difficult, especially when faced with global competitors such as Cisco or Amazon Web Services, or consumer tech companies such as Apple.

Enter content marketing. This is truly the best of both worlds solution; it combines the storytelling aspect of public relations with the data-based aspects of marketing. Beki Winchel of PR Daily shares five strategies PR professionals can use to integrate content marketing into their campaigns.

Gone are the days of begging journalists and editors; if you want to get the word out for your company, owned media can help you do the job.

Coca-Cola’s team has placed a heavy emphasis on content marketing to accomplish its PR goals; the company turned its newsroom into an interactive digital magazine complete with enough content to keep any interested audience member engaged. Coke’s goal is to kill its use of the traditional press release by 2015.

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