Why Your Content Won’t Be Found in Google Search

June 2, 2016 - 1 minute read

Wondering why your sharp corporate brand and stellar messaging aren’t getting the attention they deserve? These days, a killer campaign won’t get any attention on it’s own. You need a successful SEO strategy driving your content to the proper audience. If you don’t have both desktop and mobile tactics deployed, you can count on your content not making it much further than your own computer screen. Find out why this matters.

Content is begging to be looked at. First it must be found. And, as we know, a harsh reality of the digital age is that excellent content can languish in obscurity owing to its creators’ lack of knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO). When most communicators speak of SEO they mean Google SEO, where 70% of U.S. desktop searches were conducted, according to a 2016 comScore report. That figure jumps to 89% globally.

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