Why Some Things Go Viral – And Others Don’t

February 24, 2016 - 1 minute read

With internet users having more control over what they look at online than ever before, it can be a difficult task to break through all the noise and get your content noticed. So, how do you achieve “Ice Bucket Challenge” type viral success? Hubspot shares they key; reaching the “super-sharers.”

These super-sharers are responsible 80% of content that ends up taking the internet by storm and going viral. But, beyond them the key is getting every viewer of your content to share with at least one other person. Learn more about what makes internet users engaged in your content.


For a piece of content to go viral, each viewer has to generate at least one more viewer, on average. The “super-sharers,” though, are actually responsible for over 80% of shares that make content go viral — so the trick is to find and reach those people.

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