Why Facebook Messenger Is a Big Deal for Customer Service

June 24, 2016 - 1 minute read

It’s no surprise to anyone when we say that Facebook has taken over the social media world. What people don’t know is that Facebook Messenger has become more than just a product feature for the popular social media brand. The primary audience of Facebook Messenger has moved from just those who like to message and/or know how to do message to becoming a key form of communication for corporations as they become more and more socialized.

For a long time, Facebook Messenger seemed to be secondary to Facebook’s core business – a product feature rather than something more. So when Facebook bought WhatsApp for an extraordinary $19 billion, it seemed like WhatsApp would end up being Facebook’s messaging platform of choice. But on April 14, Facebook announced that it was explicitly turning Messenger into a platform that allows media outlets, retailers, and anyone else to develop bots to chat with users, joining Kik, Microsoft, and others offering similar services.

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