Why B2B Tech Companies Need Social Media

July 7, 2014 - 1 minute read

It’s not surprising that many enterprise tech companies are wary of social media. It’s a huge time investment, and calculating the ROI of likes, shares and retweets can be difficult. Not having a social media presence, however, can be a costly mistake.

Nearly 90 percent of IT buyers use social media at some point during the purchasing process, according to IDG Connect’s Connecting Conversations to Content: How to Drive Engagement Through Social Media 2014 survey. If a B2B technology company doesn’t have a social presence, there’s a strong chance potential customers are going to overlook it for a competitor. Bryant Harland explains how enterprise companies can integrate social media into their B2B technology PR strategies to minimize the chance of losing leads.

The reason that social media has produced mixed results is that it requires a shift in perspective to use effectively. For businesses, the core strength of social stems from the ability to inform and connect with users rather than sell to them. This is also the greatest challenge when it comes to effective social media use because marketers will naturally have less control the more engaged their audience is on social media because the most engaged users will publish their own content.

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