What Tech PR Is — and Is Not

February 6, 2015 - 1 minute read

Ford Kanzler at EBN offers a nice little rant on common misconceptions about tech PR, headlined “What High-Tech PR is Not.”  Says Kanzler:

“Just doing some PR” isn’t usually a formula for the best results. It can be a formula for wasting time and money. Having a clearly differentiated competitive story before launching your effort will bring far better results sooner and more cost-effectively. Amazing how few brands observe the simple advice: Strategy first, then tactics …

PR using “corporate speak” is dumb mostly because its not talking the language of customers and prospects. This is also true of “engineering speak” because not all customers and prospects are specialists in the same narrow engineering discipline as your company’s design team. Neither are the journalists and market analysts who follow and report on your market segment. So using plain, simple language for explaining what you do that helps people will get more attention than all the corporate-speak, buzzwords and engineering jargon that can be dreamed up. The idea isn’t sounding cool, its about clearly communicating benefits …

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