What B2B Tech PR Pros Can Expect in the Future

September 16, 2014 - 1 minute read

Public relations agencies are often charged with predicting the future: What channel will provide the highest ROI next year?  Should we invest in video marketing or is it just a passing fad? Will Google make it all but impossible to earn any media coverage from press releases?

Of course, there’s no true way to know any of this. The best B2B technology PR professionals can do is look at trends and use information from their reports to give their clients as accurate a picture as possible of what the future holds.

Marijane Funess did just this on PR Daily, posting five predictions of how she thinks the industry will change.

Big data is smart data. Someone once said they went into PR because they were lousy with numbers. Well, many of the most successful PR stories incorporate numbers such as statistics, percentages, analytics, and formulas in a creative package to make news for a client. This happens particularly when the client is between “real” news stories. Another plus? These stories can be told visually in very engaging ways that work with the way we consume media now and even more in the future.

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