What About PR Technology?

June 27, 2014 - 1 minute read

You’re no doubt using some form of marketing automation technology to strengthen your inbound strategy, but have you considered investing in PR tech? As companies become more dependent on big data, using technology to drive PR results won’t be a luxury – it will be a necessity. This is especially true as the line between PR and marketing blurs.

Rebekah Iliff, the chief strategy officer for AirPR, makes a case for why marketers should embrace the coming PR technology boom with open arms.

If you’re a CMO, VP of marketing, or any executive who routinely has to justify marketing budgets based on ROI, imagine a world in which you could understand your PR spends and campaign results with the same level of accuracy and detail as other aspects of your marketing like advertising. Imagine taking the art of public relations and injecting it with some science.

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