The Marketing Tech Issue No One’s Talking About

June 18, 2014 - 1 minute read

With the overwhelming number of new marketing automation tools being offered every day, it’s quite surprising that there’s such little talk of the impact these tools have on marketers day-to-day projects. That leaves PR and marketing professionals to decide which tools, if any, will help them. Scott Vaughan discusses this crucial issue on MarketingProfs.

The reality is that marketers spend much time striving to align their tech investment with sales efforts and juggling available resources to score and engage prospects, acquire customers, and measure system and process effectiveness.

Though media partners work hard to provide marketing clients with the leads and data they need to make that happen, their challenge is much more about aligning program execution and client retention with profitability and efficiency.

Also, the typical marketer’s technology stack doesn’t highly benefit media partner efforts because it’s used almost entirely for post-lead-acquisition systems and processes. So, media partners need technology solutions that facilitate front-end prospect-acquisition processes, which consist of creative syndication, lead/traffic tracking, billing, data normalization, and feedback reporting. All those tasks can consume time that could be better spent on executing campaigns and engaging clients.

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