Tech Start-Ups Need a PR Agency

January 19, 2015 - 1 minute read

Tech start-ups stand at the foot of a mountain when they’re trying to get their company off the ground. They must compete in an incredibly competitive industry that is often controlled by a few big name companies. That’s why choosing a skilled tech PR agency is so important. The right agency will have experience specific to your industry and will know exactly how to get your young company the coverage it so desperately needs.

There’s been a bit of controversy around whether tech start-ups should invest in a PR agency, but Conrad Egusa puts those arguments to bed on The Next Web.

Rather than to reject the notion of third-party PR services offhand, entrepreneurs would do better to approach it the same way they approach everything else: from the perspective of cost-effective growth. The reason a startup shouldn’t pay $10,000 a month for PR isn’t that it’s wrong on principle, it’s that most startups won’t get $10,000 a month in value as a result.

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