Sponsored Content Doesn’t Mean Trickery

February 9, 2015 - 1 minute read

Brand journalism and content marketing are two incredibly effective tactics tech PR agencies can use to establish thought leadership and brand awareness for their clients. They’re effective, that is, if they’re done correctly. Web users are becoming savvy to sneaky tricks brands use to get their content seen by more people, and they aren’t likely to reward a company they feel has duped them into viewing their content.

Brian Honigman shares an article on Business2Community discussing the increasing issue brands have when it comes to content marketing and brand journalism.

Content marketing is not a tactic or even a strategy – it’s an ethos. And the ethos of content creators (and really creatives in general) is that of collaborative spirit, credit and respect. Brands that think they can just sprinkle content marketing on top of their old ways are mislead.

Doing something only for the sake of credit undercuts the very core of what great content marketing is. Brands compelled to keep the credit for themselves not only misunderstand content marketing. They misunderstand themselves.

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