Show B2B Tech Clients PR Benefit with Metrics

November 3, 2014 - 1 minute read

The benefits of a successful B2B technology PR program range from building brand awareness to promoting thought leadership to nurturing your leads into becoming customers. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to show that your campaign has achieved any of these goals without metrics.

Traditionally, pulling hard numbers for your public relations campaigns has been quite difficult. With the increasing integration of data and PR, however, this is becoming much more simple. Leslie Nuccio shares on Social Media Today four steps to start providing your B2B tech clients with data-driven PR metrics that show the value of your campaigns.

In the modern messaging landscape, success = engagement.  Whether we engage a traditional journalist and receive placement in the “Wall Street Journal” or engage an influencer on Twitter and receive a RT, our payoff is the same: we are earning media, and as a result we garner the impressions that we’ve traditionally used to measure success.  (For more on that, check out this article on vanity metrics vs. actionable metrics.)

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