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August 1, 2014 - 1 minute read

Keeping up with modern PR is much like treading water – every time you think you’ve got a handle on things a new wave of technology, tools and tactics washes over you. Currently, this wave consists of social PR. Understanding how to integrate your B2B technology PR strategy with social media is crucial for digital businesses, but it’s not always easy for companies that have a more traditional mindset.

Webbiquity recently published a list of 23 social PR resources that serves as an excellent starting point for companies that need to revamp their PR strategy.

Social PR expert Lisa Buyer writes about the transition of the TODAY show’s social media presence from awkward to awesome, and offers four related tips, including the importance of inspiring and training your own team first: “Brands of all sizes have the strongest army of brand advocates closer than they might think, with the right direction and structure – employees make the best brand cheerleaders.”

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