Pre-Pitching Helps B2B Technology PR Pros Generate Buzz

August 15, 2014 - 1 minute read

Every B2B technology PR professional understands the importance of writing an intriguing press release to obtain coverage for clients, but there’s one simple trick you can do to make your release go even further: pre-pitching. This entails reaching out to journalists and bloggers a week or so ahead of publishing a release to let them know what they can expect. Ideally, this will encourage them to make room on their editorial calendar to cover your news.

Stephanie Jackman of March Communications explains how the process works in a recent blog post.

Having one to two weeks before an announcement drops truly makes the job of a tech PR professional easier, and it allows us to secure quality coverage with our clients’ key messaging. With pre-pitching, we can identify compelling headlines, deliver the right angles of the story to the right journalists, and have our spokespeople jump on the phone with media targets, which is truly invaluable.

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