PR Technology Improves Measurement, Recognition

December 4, 2014 - 1 minute read

Tech PR agencies are responsible for guiding B2B companies through the labyrinth of media relations, social media, digital marketing and more. Often, they do all of this without receiving public recognition for their efforts. The goal of PR, after all, is to tell your clients’ stories in a way that makes them shine. The rise of PR technology, however, is putting agencies in a more visible spot.

A recent article on Marketing Interactive explains how the technology PR professionals now have access to is making their efforts easier to track.

We PR professionals want to be a step ahead. Using data to get ahead of the curve and to find the influencer who’s going to touch a target audience allows us to spend more time crafting and refining messaging, and less time blasting out broadcasts to see what sticks. By using tools that allow us to think about the influencers, their audience and their channel in tandem, and by looking at the intersection between them – PR pros can unlock a wealth of useful insights into how to engage influencers while providing a more accurate measure of engagement.

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