More CIOs Are Reporting to CMOs Today. Here’s Why

May 28, 2014 - 2 minutes read

More CIOs are being asked to report to their company’s chief marketing officer today, as cloud-based sales and marketing technologies come to the fore for B2B technology buyers.

At least one PR agency innovator thinks this change is a positive development.

From Don Tennant at IT Business Edge:

The increasingly crucial nature of building engaging relationships with customers is also changing the relationship between CIOs and chief marketing officers. The role of the latter has become so core to the business that it might well make sense for the CIO to report to him.

That was one of the takeaways from a recent interview with Larry Weber, CEO of online marketing services agency Racepoint Global, who is also the founder of Weber Shandwick, the granddaddy of tech PR firms.

Weber told Tennant:

From data analytics, to content creation, aggregation, and delivery—these are technologies that are going to help the business get closer to customers, and build engaging relationships on an ongoing basis. To that end, CIOs are going to have to work with or report to some overseer of that, whether it be the chief marketing officer, or the chief customer experience officer. I think information systems—software—will become the toolbox. Marketing people don’t have to be developers, but they have to understand what’s in the new toolbox. And software is a big item in that toolbox—you’re going to have to have people who can help make sure you’re buying the right software that’s automating the marketing processes, and that gives you competitive advantage on connecting with your customers.

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