Marketing Automation Necessary for Success

June 16, 2014 - 1 minute read

In order to be successful, companies must have reliable data they can study and act upon. It seems a fairly simple concept – collect data from your customers, use it to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and store the data for future use. The tricky part comes in actually doing this. Of course, the best option is with marketing automation technology. IT Business Edge discusses the top eight marketing technologies for increasing revenue and market share.

When customers interact with your digital properties, such as your brand’s websites or mobile apps, they implicitly and explicitly provide you with actionable information about their tastes, preferences and intent to transact. This information can significantly help you nurture and convert them from leads to customers, and from customers to advocates. You just might not know where all this data is, how to access it, how to analyze it, and, most importantly, how to activate it.

This is where the marketing technology stack comes into play. By using a set of marketing tools and technologies that help you collect, own and activate data, you can finally achieve one-to-one marketing and boost your revenue and market share. This omni-channel user data can come from everywhere: website interactions, viewable ad impressions, email opens, social media engagements and even data from offline sources, such as point-of-sale, call centers, CRM, BI and so on.

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