Marketing Automation Has Major Advantages, Study Finds

June 21, 2014 - 1 minute read

A study of 150 companies using marketing automation found that 20 percent of participants saw revenue increases of 75 percent or greater, according to an article in VentureBeat. The study, conducted by RazorSocial, found that while marketing automation can occasionally result in negative ROI, the overall trend showed a significant opportunity for increased revenues. The most common reasons for negative ROI are companies not properly implementing their marketing automation software or choosing the wrong tool.

Correlation may not conclusively indicate causation, but the connection between marketing automation and growth is strong. The most common result, achieved by just over a third of firms, is that companies adopting marketing automation increased revenue modestly, between five to 10 percent. Over 10 percent saw a massive 50-74 percent increase, however, and almost 20 percent experienced greater than a 75 percent increase in revenue.

As Cleary’s research shows, however, there’s a lot of room to grow. Companies that select the wrong system don’t see the results that they want, and about 60 percent of companies that adopt marketing automation are not sure if they’ve picked the right solution.

One key, Cleary says, is a step that many companies skimp on: investing in the implementation.

“Without a plan, with target dates to achieve each stage, the implementation will drag on, and this will cost you money,” he writes in the report.

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