Make Sure to Include This Information in Your Press Releases

September 9, 2014 - 1 minute read

Writing a press release that generates tons of media coverage is every B2B technology PR professional’s goal. As many know from experience, however, this simply isn’t possible. As media gatekeepers, journalists are skilled at scanning press releases for information that will tell them whether or not the pitch is worth their time.

Fortunately, public relations professionals don’t have to guess what type of content will get their release the most attention. Serena Ehrlick of PR News outlines results from the recently released Business Wire 2014 media survey, which show that there are seven types of information reporters look for in a press release.

Breaking news: With 77% of the vote, breaking news continues to be the top content type requested by journalists. With more publishing platforms available than ever before, reporters are increasingly looking to PR professionals to alert them to breaking news.

Supporting facts: Reporters love data that supports corporate story angles. Include data points and supporting facts within your release to reduce research time and increase the credibility of your stance.

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