Keep PR Budget Under Control by Choosing the Right Media

August 11, 2014 - 1 minute read

Budget allocation is always an issue, particularly within PR and marketing. Over recent years this issue has been exacerbated. The internet and new technologies have greatly increased the number of channels in which budgets can be spent. Managers need to be far more clever in the way they apportion their budgets to achieve maximum exposure to their target markets. Measurement is key to budget allocation and media planning. Switch Communications and Firefly Communications have discussed with Apollo Research their views around budget allocation within PR today.

Picking the right media to achieve this comes next. The problem can be that people are not always sure what they are trying to achieve and can approach things in the wrong order. One agency tells of a client for which they devised a campaign to change perceptions of customer service: research had shown this to be a significant problem amongst prospects, but not amongst users; detailed plans were drawn up and the client was enthusiastic. Then at the last minute the client said they realised they did not have a mobile app and the budget needed to go on developing one. The agency was tasked with finding the objective for the app.

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