It’s Time for PR Measurement to Get Up to Speed

January 26, 2015 - 1 minute read

The Barcelona Principle was a set of guidelines created in 2010 to help public relations professionals better measure their efforts. Sadly, it’s not been as effective as its creators envisioned. In a time when companies rely on big data and analytics to make smarter decisions, PR is still struggling to convey its value in a tangible way.

Christopher Bennett shares a few ideas for how to improve PR measurement on Ragan’s PR Daily.

Outcome can’t be confused with output. Billable hours are not the equivalent of results. Current tools for calculating media value can’t fully account for variations based on tonepositive, neutral or negative. There’s still no algorithm that measures the tone of a story, and in a world where content counts, all press is not good press. Let’s face it: The tools for bulletproof tonality measurement have simply not yet been invented.

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