Is Your Marketing Tech As Effective As It Can Be?

June 23, 2014 - 1 minute read

We’ve talked extensively about how marketing technology is an increasingly crucial piece of any inbound PR and marketing strategy, but an interesting article on Clickz brings an excellent point to light. When it comes to marketing tech, are we truly using the tools that will give us the largest ROI, or are we just using any and every piece of tech that comes our way?

The benefits of technology are clear – or are they? The Internet and the rise of digital have irrevocably changed the path of humankind, but when you consider the digital age is arguably the first “industrial revolution” to destroy more jobs than it has created, do we all agree that its influence is wholly positive?

Clearly we’re not yet at a point where humankind is at risk of being overpowered by Artificial Intelligence, as depicted in countless sci-fi movies. However, what we are facing is a real struggle to harness the full power and potential of technology. We can be its slave even if it can’t think for itself.

From a marketing perspective, the pace of change has largely been beneficial to the sector, as new technologies have presented exciting opportunities and capabilities for marketers. But the question we must ask ourselves is: are we really in control of our marketing technology?

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