Is Your B2B Social Media Program Based on Buyer Research? It Should Be

November 3, 2015 - 1 minute read


Understanding how to find your buyers, then learning what’s important to them gives you a competitive differentiation when aligned with your brands strengths. Begin by building detailed buyer persona’s, then map collected insights into a social media program, connecting you with your buyer. Learn more about creating a B2B social media program based on buyer research, via Media Orchard.

Last month I had the opportunity present at Frost and Sullivan GIL 2015: Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, Calif. “GIL” stands for “Growth, Innovation and Leadership,” and the event was marked by dynamic speakers and C-levels attendees bridging a wide range of industries and company sizes. 

Most of those at the event had a B2B focus, and I was asked to lead an interactive session on helping CMOs and other executives get a better grasp on social media and its relationship to lead generation. Understanding and leveraging social media in a measurable way has been a longstanding challenge for many B2B marketers.

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