Iris CEO Provides Resources to Get the Most of PR Data

January 6, 2015 - 6 minutes read

Thanks for checking in for part two of our interview with Iris CEO Aly Saxe – if you haven’t already, you can read the first part of her interview here. Below, Aly discusses the gap in public relations when it comes to data, as well as what Iris can do to help PR pros improve.

How does your tool address the challenge of lack of data?

Iris gives uses an efficiency metric for three areas: pitching, awards and speakers bureau. We call it the “Pitch ROI,” “Award ROI” and “Speaker ROI,” respectively. These metrics will show your team what your success rates are in each area. Iris let’s you break it down per client, per campaign and even per team member. This is helpful as you can compare all of your campaigns and see which ones are performing the best and the worst – so you can make better decisions about strategy and set expectations with bosses and clients. You can also see who the real media bulldogs are on your team and who’s just blind pitching all day for little return.

Something interesting we’ve seen customers do recently is A/B test pitch subject lines. They’ll set up two campaigns for the same pitch, each with a different email subject line and measure which one gets a higher return (in this case, the returns are interviews, write-ups, social mentions, etc.). For instance, one customer learned that putting the words “Follow up” in an email pitch subject line yielded a lower response than pitches with “Getting back to you” in the subject line.

We want the PR industry to think deeply about how they create strategy, how they make recommendations, how they set goals, and how they manage expectations. While this is just one tool in the Iris software platform, we think it’s a highly important one. In the next year, our users can expect to see some new features from Iris in this area.

How does Iris work?

Iris is a software platform for public relations. Our mission is to help you do your job better, streamline efficiencies for your team, save you a crazy amount of time and, ultimately, help you maximize value. Every piece of the PR team’s workflow is accounted for in Iris, so you can finally get out of spreadsheets, stop trying to manage out of email and get the entire team’s work into one core location.

Agencies waste an estimated $2 billion a year on inefficiencies. Yeah, that’s a B. We don’t even know yet how much more is being left on the table because PR agencies struggle to prove value. Iris is changing that. We love giving demos so please feel free to request one.

What benefits does Iris provide?

1. Saving many billable hours by streamlining inefficiencies.

2. Proving value with real data to back up recommendations.

3. Client and campaign collaboration in one central location.

4. Automatically captures email pitching so you can stay on top of who’s being pitched, when, by whom and what the results are.

5. A robust contact database that is yours, so when someone walks out the door, all of their contacts and their history with those contacts stays with your agency or in-house team.

6. Deadline management – never miss another hard deadline because you forgot to check that one spreadsheet.

7. Data. Data. Did I say data?

How is Iris different from its competitors?

Well, we compete with spreadsheets, sticky notes and pointless meetings. Every new customer who comes on board brings with them ugly spreadsheets where they are storing everything from lists of events and editorial calendars to proprietary notes on media contacts to pitching history for their entire team. So we spend the first few weeks helping them get all of this data into Iris. During this time, all of their pitching activity is getting into Iris automatically and, before they know it, they have a robust, centralized software platform to run everything they’re doing. It’s a beautiful sight.

Then they start to put results in there and they see the data that’s gleaned from this and it’s like having a magic 8-ball on your computer.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

I am so excited about what’s happening in the PR industry in terms of technology innovation. As a PR pro, I’ve been waiting for the day when we caught up with the rest of the marketing world and embraced new platforms. I believe the day is here and in the next few years we’re going to see an explosion of great technology.

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