“Integration 3.0” Leading Move from IT Tech to Marketing Tech

June 17, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Enterprise technology is slowly but surely shifting from IT to marketing, thanks to what Matt Quinn, the chief technology officer at Tibco Software, calls Integration 3.0. Essentially, he says the rise of the Internet of Things, SaaS and storing information in remote data centers is allowing for more connectivity between your systems. This renders much of the technology currently used by CIOs useless, prompting organizations to invest in marketing tech.

Rather than being resentful of this, CIOs should take this opportunity to work more closely with the marketing department. Both departments will benefit from the information collected by the marketing technology. Danny Palmer covers Quinn’s thoughts on this development on Computing.co.uk.

“In integration 3.0, we’re seeing this rapid shift from the CIO owning everything to do with technology, towards the line of business to the chief marketing officer. We’ve seen this massive rise in software-as-a-service where you don’t even own the data centre, you don’t own the application, you don’t even own the data in some case,” said Quinn.

The argument behind this line of thinking is that marketing is equipped to analyse the data in a way that benefits the commercial goals of an organisation more than IT is able to.

“So SaaS applications have really kicked off Integration 3.0, where it’s not just about connectivity and providing integration, it’s about understanding all the events,” Quinn continued, arguing that understanding customers, their habits and desires is something that needs to be done at lightning speed in order to achieve the best results.

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