In B2B Tech PR, Value Propositions Should Guide All Content

June 5, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Before you can begin creating content for your inbound PR and marketing campaigns, you must create a comprehensive strategy to determine exactly what you’re going to get out of each idea. To do this, you must have value propositions,  or descriptions of the unique benefit(s) you’re providing to your target market through your product or service. Meredith Eaton discusses three ways to strengthen your value propositions for PR on Business2Community.

Value propositions are what B2B tech PR agency teams hang their hat on for collateral development like press releases and blog posts, as well as influencer outreach for media or analyst pitches. They are what matter to press, customers, partners, prospects and investors alike – all of which will see the results of PR efforts.

But, when developing value props, companies need to go beyond just explaining the benefits to incorporate three key elements that help strengthen the benefits:

1. Statistics

Most new products or services coming to market are successful because they address a pain point that needs solved; and, showing the prevalence of that pain point is a strategic way to boost the value of your offering. Industry-wide facts of figures can show a widespread need, but, if these aren’t available, even a quick customer poll to show that X percent are requesting this product or feature can be compelling to showcase the need for whatever you’re bringing to market.

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