In B2B Tech PR, Timing is Everything

July 2, 2014 - 1 minute read

No matter how much work you put into a campaign, your timing can be the biggest influencer on your work’s success. Every industry has certain times that will garner better results than others, and the B2B tech world is no different. In general, it’s best to customize the launch of your press release/blog post/product launch/etc. to your audience. This can be journalists, prospects or even just website visitors. This requires some research, but the growth of marketing automation is making it easier to identify trends in your target market.

Meredith Eaton of March Communications outlines some of the major time trends and gives advice for what B2B technology marketers can do to maximize coverage for their clients.

Now, for something a little out there… how about trying 8:13am instead? Everyone typically sends out their press releases on the hour, causing a deluge of news to hit all at once – not only on wire services, but on social channels and through Google alerts, too. That can be overwhelming for anyone actually searching for something meaningful. So, by waiting till a slightly “off” time, you may have a greater chance of cutting through the noise!

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