In B2B Tech PR, ROI Isn’t Just About Money

May 30, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Many CEOs and CMOs in the B2B tech world can get frustrated trying to find a PR firm that will provide them with the results they expect. A common reason is that leaders in the tech field rely on numbers to prove the value of a project. Traditionally, this has been a difficult area for PR agencies to provide sufficient proof of ROI. Clients are often more concerned about the monetary ROI and don’t consider aspects like exposure to be important measurements.

As more professionals begin integrating their traditional PR tactics with modern marketing techniques, however, it’s becoming much easier to provide expectant clients with impressive ROI statistics, monetary and otherwise. Forbes contributor Ilya Pozin details the five most important measurements to truly understand the ROI of your PR efforts.

“PR is about creating an environment of authentic endorsement,” Benitez said. “A good publicist should work to make sure your name is known and your brand offering is understood amongst editors, journalists, and tastemakers, like celebrities and influencers.”

Public relations professionals can help you connect and build relationships with the movers and shakers relevant to your target market. Firms can help you signal boost your product, get it into the hands of the right individual, and secure authentic endorsements. Trusted thought leaders and celebrities can have as much consumer trust as a close friend or family member, meaning it can be enormously beneficial to form the right connections.

While ROI is certainly important, there are more ways to measure it than just a dollar for dollar immediate return it’s not the bottom line when it comes to receiving the most value from your public relations team. Your PR team is building your brand identity, keeping your competition out of the spotlight, and forming incredibly valuable relationships for your company. This might seem more intangible than a set of numbers to be crunched, but it can be essential for your company’s success.

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