Improve Your Press Releases by Focusing on the Ending

November 20, 2014 - 1 minute read

Tech PR agencies have a difficult job when it comes to writing press releases for their clients. Unless they have a consumer-based offering, it can be tough to drum up excitement for B2B tech companies in extremely high-level fields. And, yes, the beginning of your press release must be attention-grabbing, but you can’t forget about your ending.

Mickie Kennedy shares some advice for making the end of your press releases just as engaging as the introduction.


Your press release is about the release of a new product. However, you’ve also got an event that’s circumstantially tied to the release of the product but you’d still like to include the info. Where would this go?

That’s right, the end is a good place to try it out. Again people are more likely to remember the end of a piece because it was the last thing they read. If it’s a call to action, literally a “go do this” statement, then they might actually go do it versus if it’s in the middle somewhere.

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