Improve Your Buyer Journey with Marketing Technology

June 25, 2014 - 1 minute read

There are many benefits to using marketing technology, but perhaps the most important is creating a more cohesive sales process. Traditionally, it’s been difficult to determine the value of marketing messages because there hasn’t been a good way to identify exactly what motivated a prospect to contact you. Now, however, there are many different tools designed specifically to track a lead through each phase of the sales funnel, giving you better insight into the process.

Beth Negus Viveiros published an article on Chief Marketer about how these types of products make the buyer journey more efficient and effective.

Marketers often have to make a lot of assumptions when it comes to figuring out what the consumer did before they got on the phone with a marketer. “Companies need to connect the phone call with the website visit that triggered it, and route them accordingly,” notes Dorin Rosenshine, founder and CEO of call tracking and segmentation marketing enabler Outleads.

“The Web can be a lonely automated experience,” adds Will Weinraub, CEO/co-founder of Live Ninja. “Video chat embedded on the website can help create more engaging sales support for businesses like insurance or legal services, or be an extension of an in-store experience, and help high touch businesses differentiate themselves.”

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