How to Ruin Your Relationship with Journalists

November 4, 2014 - 1 minute read

The relationship between journalists and public relations professionals is a delicate one. Each party needs the other, but the actual process of interacting can be more than frustrating. This often happens when someone forgets the key to the relationship is that both parties should benefit.

Unfortunately, PR pros often reach out to journalists with only their own interests on their mind. Instead of actually providing the journo with information that he can use, the PR pro sends out a self-serving pitch that has no business being published.

Understandably, this can give PR professionals a bad reputation among journalists. In a bit of light-hearted fun, HubSpot collected some of the common complaints reporters have with the PR industry, as well as tips for how to build a PR/journalist relationship that actually benefits both parties.

Trying to get a journalist interested in a product she doesn’t know through a person she doesn’t recognize is hard enough as it is — don’t withhold critical information that could make or break the story. We heard from countless reporters who complained about “offers to send more information” that didn’t include any actual information about a product or app. Simply put, if you have truly interesting information, put it in the pitch itself. If you’re worried about length, you can assemble a Dropbox of relevant materials and include a link instead.

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