How to Measure PR Metrics That Make Sense

August 19, 2014 - 1 minute read

Understanding the return-on-investment of your B2B technology PR efforts is crucial for both PR agencies and the clients they serve. Unfortunately, measurement options of the past have been less than insightful, causing many data-loving clients to question the value of the services they’re receiving.

 As social media and blogging have entered the picture, however, it’s become considerably easier to evaluate your ROI. Carrie Morgan of Rock the Status Quo suggests that establishing PR metrics before you even begin a campaign is the best way to ensure you’ll understand the value of your PR efforts.

It can be as simple as pointing a SlideShare document, guest blog post or byline article to a specific website page, then monitoring traffic to that page. Or creating content that points to a “subscribe now” button, then looking at how many new subscribers you end up with. Or looking at the percentage of website referral traffic coming from specific social media platforms or editorial placements using Google Analytics. Or launching content and conversations tied to a specific hashtag. These are all great places to begin.

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