How to Get Good Stories from “Boring” B2B Content

August 4, 2014 - 2 minutes read

B2B technology PR professionals are often faced with the dreaded situation of having a client that people think is … well … boring. Of course, this is most likely why the company hired an agency in the first place, to improve the public’s perception of its offerings, boost thought leadership and build a community of brand advocates and loyal customers.

The problem lies in developing interesting content from “boring” materials. Many PR pros are actually too scared to tell their clients the content they want produced won’t generate the results they want for fear of ruining the relationship. Unfortunately, this can be just as damaging. Meredith Eaton discusses how PR agencies can guide their clients to more media-friendly stories on Business2Community.

Let’s stick with the sewage management system example (why not?). If the traditional “improved efficiency and cost savings” messages aren’t doing the trick, try taking the solution itself out of the equation. What’s the bigger issue that’s being addressed? Keep asking “so, what?” until you get to something that matters… and may matter to press, too.

For instance, let’s say, hypothetically, sewage backup is flooding people’s yards. So, what? Well, kids play in yards. So, what? Deadly diseases are traced back to sewage. So, what? Children are contracting these diseases and death tolls have actually risen 5 percent in the last year. Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. And, guess what? We haven’t even mentioned sewage management technology yet.

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