How to Gather Big Data from Search Marketing

July 28, 2014 - 1 minute read

Modern PR and marketing professionals understand the industry is becoming increasingly more dependent on technology. Marketing automation tech is just one example of this trend. Another is the growing importance of big data for PR pros and marketers.


By paying attention to the data collected by your search marketing team, you will be better equipped to produce the content that your audience wants. Jeremy Hull recently shared an article on Clickz outlining three ways B2B tech PR and marketing teams can gather intel from their search data.

Users who are searching on your site already have an affinity for your brand, so they’re a great resource for determining what new assets will drive value. You should mine your onsite searches at least once a month and examine them alongside conversion rate and bounce rate. Onsite searches with a high bounce rate are great indicators of content that would be valuable to your site visitor, and their volume can help you prioritize the development of this content.

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