How Do You Tell Your PR Stories?

September 3, 2014 - 1 minute read

Many B2B technology PR professionals are skilled communicators – they can write a press release, pitch it to the media, and draft a byline without blinking an eye. There is always, however, room for improvement.  Instead of just rattling off your usual spiel, tell your PR stories from a new angle.

Sarah Love explains that, rather than telling the media and consumers what your clients do, you should tell them why they do what they do and how they’re improving their industry.

There are many examples of companies that do this phenomenally well. Apple has condensed the company message into two powerful words: “Think Different.” The company has pioneered some of the most cutting-edge and technologically sophisticated devices on the planet, yet the outbound messaging is focused around creative thought, innovation and beauty. This is a great example of building a PR message around the “why” and “how”, not the “what.”

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