How Are You Handling the “Yelpification” of Enterprise Technology?

June 20, 2014 - 1 minute read

The enterprise tech market of yesteryear is long gone. In its place is advocacy marketing and an overall “Yelpification” of enterprise technology. Consumers don’t want to wait for you to send them carefully-crafted marketing messages and sales pitches. They want to do their own research and get opinions from their peers before they even consider contacting you. If you want to be the vendor consumers reach out to, you must modernize your strategy to give consumers what they want. Cassandra Jowett discusses a few ways you can do this on Influitive.

Buyers are often skeptical of the “experts”

When I did research to start my company, technology decision-makers consistently told me that while they check out Magic Quadrant and similar reports to see who’s listed, they take the vendor rankings with a grain of salt. They believe that analyst opinions can be influenced and, in any case, the collective opinions of real users are often identical to the opinions of experts.

Marketing and sales teams that don’t recognize the sweeping changes affecting the enterprise tech selling process are bound to be left behind.

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