For Tech PR Agencies, the Question Today Isn’t “What Is PR?” It’s “What Isn’t?”

February 5, 2015 - 1 minute read

Brittaney Kiefer at PR Week says the time to ask “what is PR?” is over.  Today, tech PR agencies are having to adopt a mindset of “just do it.”  She explains:

Skills on offer at PR agencies have expanded exponentially in the last few years. What is certain is that a firm’s to-do list will only lengthen as clients demand an approach complete with traditional elements such as media relations, along with an enhanced skill set that includes efforts around point of sale, Salesforce training, building apps, and Web design, just to name a few.

To provide the best expertise to their clients, agencies are investing in bringing in talent with a plethora of new skills in digital, data analysis, and beyond, as well as training current employees to answer the call of a broader agency portfolio. With the role of agencies evolving so rapidly, the only clear definition of what a PR firm does might just be whatever it takes to make a client successful.

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