For Companies to Prosper, CIOs, CMOs Need to Work Together

July 18, 2014 - 1 minute read

The CIO-CMO relationship is quite a hot topic these days, thanks to the increasing need for businesses to enter the digital age. Unfortunately, this potentially prosperous partnership is marred by a history of discord. And, as PR and marketing departments begin to work more closely together, this issue will spread across the company.

Instead of combating each other, CIOs and CMOs must realize they are working towards the same goal. Not only is it more effective, it can also be more prosperous. A recent PwC study found that nearly three-quarters of the best performing companies had a healthy relationship between their CIOs and CMOs.

This issue is especially relevant in B2B technology companies, where the CIO has played a crucial role in growth and innovation. As PR and marketing becomes more digital-dependent, however, companies must ensure that these departments co-exist productively. Chris Curran explains this issue further on InformationWeek.

As part of this process, companies should review each of the major planned and ongoing initiatives in both marketing and IT’s portfolios to find opportunities to get each other’s perspectives. Doing so may also reveal some gaps or overlaps that need to be addressed. CIOs and CMOs need to get explicit agreement on who owns the components of digital strategies, the role each leader will take on, and when and how they’re expected to work together.

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