For a Successful B2B PR Strategy, Think B2C

December 2, 2014 - 1 minute read

B2B tech PR agencies have the difficult task of getting their clients covered in an industry filled with B2C companies. This is no small challenge, especially when news cycles seem to revolve around the latest smartphone release or the newest tablet. That doesn’t mean B2B companies can’t get equal, if not more, coverage. You just have to apply a few B2C tactics when building your PR strategy.

Gene Carozza of O’Dwyer PR shares how to do just that.

Going direct to the targeted audience is now the norm, and it has to be managed effectively. Tech marketers need to engage. It’s a two way discussion, whereas in the past, the discussion flowed one way. For example, tech PR and marketing has seen an increase in the need to target LOB users. These decision makers wield budget and power more than the corporate CIO at times. Once identified, engaging with respective users can be an effective way to raise visibility.

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