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March 20, 2015 - 1 minute read

Search engine optimization is no longer a buzzword known only to inbound marketers and computer whizes. In fact, anyone with a presence on the Internet should have a basic understanding of SEO and keep up with the reoccurring algorithm updates and changes from search engines. This is especially true for tech PR agencies who must build awareness for clients in a highly competitive field.

A major component of SEO is using the right keywords to get your brand noticed. Typically, this consists of conducting research using Google’s tools to find the appropriate terms. Neil Patel shares some additional resources you can tap to find better keywords and phrases on the Moz blog.

In other words, Wikipedia has one of the best organic SEO strategies on the planet. Obviously, these are keywords that matter. Wikipedia’s popularity shows us that people want information. It’s like the greatest content marketing strategy ever, combining user-generated content with prolific publishing on a grand scale.

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