Earn Media Coverage Year-Round

February 3, 2015 - 1 minute read

Earning media coverage when you launch a new product or make an acquisition is fairly easy. Any other time, however, and you have to all but pull teeth to even get a journalist to pick up the phone. This is where having an experienced tech PR agency comes in handy. These professionals know how to get your company in the news even when you don’t have traditionally “newsworthy” information to share.

Vantage PR shares five ways to keep your company in the news year-round.

It’s worth underscoring the importance of letting your PR agency know what the months ahead will hold. If your PR team has a timeline of the promotable announcements to come (i.e. activities on the horizon in the next month, two months, etc.) and the nature of these news pieces (new hires, new products, awards etc.), they can leverage them to the fullest extent and be prepared when a slow period approaches.

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