Cut These Phrases Out of Your PR Content

October 8, 2014 - 1 minute read

Working in communications is difficult – your job is to produce content that benefits your clients, and each piece you produce, whether it’s a Facebook post or a 2,000 word byline, must be effective. From daily social media updates to emails to client deliverables, a B2B tech PR professional can write hundreds of pieces of content a week, and that’s on the lighter end of the scale.

When you’re producing this much content, it can be difficult to write from a fresh point of view. Often, PR professionals find themselves relying on the same words or phrases. Once you use these enough, however, they can begin to lose their effect. March Communications put together a list of 100 over-used phrases that public relations pros should try to cut out of their content.

Worse, these kinds of phrases make every brand sound the same. They make every piece of writing sound the same. Content has become the backbone that helps a company stand out in the crowd. The threat of commoditization – or competition from some new start-up -is never far away. I wrote about how created a brand out of content, rather than products. The company did it with a strong voice. A voice that doesn’t use (many) of these phrases.

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