CMOs Need to Take PR More Seriously

May 28, 2014 - 1 minute read

Public relations is becoming more important as marketers begin understanding the power of incorporating it into their marketing strategies. Bryan Stolle at VentureBeat sums it up perfectly, explaining that PR can be much more effective for content creation and email marketing, so long as the data collected is properly measured.

With the Ad Tech ecosystem now solidly in place, wouldn’t we be wise – as investors and innovators – to look to another critical frontier of the marketing automation puzzle: PR?

If you’re a CMO, VP of marketing, or any executive who routinely has to justify marketing budgets to those holding the purse strings, imagine a world in which you could understand your PR activities (ROI, insights, etc.) with the same level of detail as other aspects of your marketing. Namely, digital advertising.

PR, often thought of as a “red-headed stepchild” in terms of marketing planning and budgeting, is rapidly regaining favor as digital and social media become central to customer engagement and acquisition. Beyond that, PR is starting to “own” a vast majority of content creation and email marketing – a key component of lead generation – which shifts the old paradigm of PR from “cost center to profit center,” as SVP of Digital Content for Cision, Heidi Sullivan, aptly asserts.

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