Can PR Pros Fix PR?

April 20, 2015 - 1 minute read

Flacks and spin doctors are just a couple of the nicknames B2B tech PR professionals have to deal with when doing their job. These stereotypes comes from mistrust of the profession inspired by industry professionals who either took advantage of the power they had or didn’t abide by the rules of the trade. This widespread stereotype is a serious detriment to the industry. Crenshaw Communications calls for PR pros to fix this issue from the inside out.

My answer is yes, we should care. As Laurence Evans of Reputation Leaders points out, having a negative reputation is probably bad for business. But beyond that, it’s not healthy for the industry’s future. Young people looking to enter marketing, communications, and general business professions are our talent pipeline. Ambitious young graduates who see PR practitioners as slippery, shallow, or downright dishonest may remove it from their career consideration set.

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