Bolster Your B2B PR Efforts with Social Media

September 15, 2014 - 1 minute read

The rise of content marketing has led to widespread use of social media among B2B technology PR professionals. It’s no longer acceptable, however, to simply have a presence on social media. You must find ways to use these platforms to connect and engage with your audience, share branded and non-branded content to build thought leadership and, perhaps most importantly, keep your clients relevant.

Naturally, this requires more than simply scheduling four posts per day and making the occasional retweet. Maggie Patterson shares on Social Media Examiner four ways to bolster your PR efforts with social media.

Most PR teams create customer case studies to highlight successes and build credibility. While some customer stories make a good write-up, most people aren’t willing to invest the time to read long-form articles. Instead of sharing the case study on social media, pick out the key facts from a client’s success story and highlight those across the board.

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