Blogger Outreach vs. Media Relations: What’s Better?

November 17, 2014 - 1 minute read

Public relations professionals are well aware of the importance of media relations, but what about blogger outreach? Essentially, these two terms are the same things, except one focuses on building relationships with traditional media outlets (i.e. journalists) and one focuses on building relationships with bloggers.

Blogger outreach has become increasingly important as social media and self-publishing have taken off. In fact, a recent Technonorati study shows that blogs are one of the most important and influential outlets when it comes to making the purchasing decision. Shelley Pringle shares more on Business2Community.

The good news is most bloggers follow strict ethical guidelines, such as indicating when they’ve been reimbursed for a product review. But when working with bloggers, it’s important to keep in mind they generally edit their own material and publish without the benefit of an objective pair of eyes to review their work.

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