B2B Tech PR Tip: Don’t Be Seduced by the Lure of ‘Glamorous’ Media Placements

May 27, 2014 - 1 minute read

Beth Principi at PRNewser offers some sound advice for B2B companies pursuing PR programs. Her No. 1 tip is to remember who your audience is — even if that might not result in the most glamorous media relations campaign.

Says Principi:

It’s important to remember that you are not a business-to-consumer company. Let me repeat, you are not a business-to-consumer company!

Why is this important? While business-to-consumer brands strive to appear on CNN and other mass market media outlets, this doesn’t make as much sense for B2B companies.

That’s a glamour marketing desire for B2B companies, who would garner much better results from trade or niche publications. These publications often have an audience that is more in tune with a B2B company’s marketing plan and brand. Any desire to go with a big-name publication or outlet needs to be analyzed, as while it may have the potential to give you an ego boost, it doesn’t always provide a marketing boost.

That will come from publications with hyper-focused audiences. Ask yourself: who is watching, reading or listening? Will a placement in a well-known–yet untargeted–magazine drive traffic, mindshare or branding?

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