B2B Tech PR Lessons from Apple

October 3, 2014 - 1 minute read

Tech behemoth Apple is praised for its marketing campaigns, but it has quite a successful public relations strategy as well. Even when faced with less-than-desirable situations, the company manages to come out on top. This is a skill that many B2B technology PR professionals would love to emulate.

Fortunately, they can. Dorothy Crenshaw identifies five key attributes of Apple’s PR strategy that anyone can integrate into their own campaigns.

The user experience trumps technology. Getting tangled up in the technology is all too common among tech companies, whether early stage businesses or established brands. Certainly there are specialist media and geek bloggers who care about how the sausage is made, but the overall story is always more resonant and more adaptable to different market segments if it leads with the product benefits and makes the user the hero. Apple has been masterful at telling a story that goes beyond the technology, and that’s probably its single greatest communications lesson for other brands, whether they are in Tech PR or not. Don’t sell the technology; instead, show a lifestyle.

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