B2B Tech Companies Should Avoid Many B2C PR and Marketing Tactics

June 10, 2014 - 2 minutes read

If you’re looking for marketing advice, you can find a ton of information aimed at B2C companies. For B2B businesses, however, the pickings can be relatively slim. This leaves many B2B marketers in a lurch. Do you go with a B2C-inspired PR and marketing campaign and hope for the best? Or do you take your chances with a more targeted campaign?

The answer, of course, is the latter. Research about B2C marketing tactics can be impressive, but you have to remember that these are two different industries with different timelines, customers and goals. Shari Johnson outlines some of the B2C practices business-to-business marketers should avoid at all costs on VentureBeat.

For B2C companies, anyone can become a customer. The more people who know about the company and have a positive experience with the brand, the better. Therefore, B2C companies have the freedom – and the need – to invest significant resources in reaching the masses with their message. It seems like the same could be true for B2B, but when you dig deep into the reality of the buying cycle, it’s a different story.

Most B2C businesses are a low-dollar, high-frequency game, but B2B is the opposite. Landing huge, slow deals requires more integration between offline sales workflows and online marketing workflows. What that means in plain English is that if sales is focusing on a certain set of high-value accounts, marketing needs to be focused on reaching those accounts rather than working to generate brand awareness among thousands of fringe prospects. It’s important for customers and prospects to have a good experience with your brand, but you can achieve that without putting your name on a billboard, running a commercial during the Super Bowl or even paying for inventory on the Yahoo homepage.

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